A Long Way from CarbFreeBread!

A while back and what seems like years ago, I asked a fellow Clark University Dual Degree student to write a guest post on CarFreeBrad.com.  My buddy Pat had just moved outside the tight circle of campus and would be doing most of his travel by bike.  I always found him to be quick-witted and funny so it was perfect fit.

I was not disappointed and he wrote a really great, hilarious post for CarFreeBrad.com.  Until today, I thought I had lost it forever! Low and behold, here it is:

Guest Blogger- Funny comes in many flavors

One of the funniest parts was when he explained his “google search” for CarFreeBrad and all that kept coming up was “CarbFreeBread”.  It’s hard to pretend you are “bigtime” when you literally don’t show up on google. It the real life equivalent of not having a Facebook page.  You don’t really exist until people can friend you on FB, it’s a fact, look it up!

So I decided to repeat his search today and see if I’m still embarrassed by the Atkins Diet Craze and CarbFreeBread.  Here it is:

I think it’s safe to say that CarFreeBrad now dominates CarbFreeBread.  I went to the 9th page of results before I found something that wasn’t a direct CarFreebrad link.  But the best thing I found was MY ORIGNAL BLOG floating around the internet.

Check it out for a laugh and see how it all started: Original Carfreebrad.com

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