One Way Germaphobe

Sure this post is not related to being CarFree whatsoever but sometimes I observe things that vex me and need to be commented on.  Today was the epitome of such an experience.  I was brainstorming some post ideas and had a few good ones ready to roll.  First I had to empty that tank so I could concentrate so I hit the bathroom.

It started as a pretty run of the mill trip.  Everything went according to plan but then I watched as the gentleman a few urinals down from me made a monster effort to use this elbow to flush.  I don’t begrudge him this move.  Its logical and makes complete sense.  I’m mean there is no way people wash up prior to flushing.  That’s direct “junk” to handle contact, gross!

I’m no germaphobe and may be considered more “dirty bastard” leaning but I wash my hands when appropriate and when determined by social convention but don’t really worry about it.

What struck me about this instance was that this guy went through all that effort to avoid direct “junk” to handle hand contact in an obvious display or germ awareness but then WALKED RIGHT OUT!  Didn’t pause at the sink and think about it, just cruised right out of the bathroom without a second thought.

It made me wonder what was the first thing he would touch.  Probably the door handle but then what.  Seems kind of unfair to the rest of his germ aware people.  At least at the urinal you know you’re in for direct “junk” to handle contact but I doubt anyone assumes you’re getting that direct contact when you get a drink of water or put cream in your coffee at the cafe.

As I thought about it, I’m gonna’ designate this as a severe “dick move”(pun intended).  He can’t think “oh, no one cares if I wash my hands or not” after making a huge production to avoid the direct “junk” contact.  If you’re not aware and don’t care about the germ factor, good for you.  I don’t judge you for it as long as you don’t judge others for not washing up.  The same goes for the germaphobe!

It’s a Tw0-Way street! You can’t be all paranoid of “junk” germs and then just go rubbing your “junk” germs all over the place.  Not cool!

One response to “One Way Germaphobe”

  1. Funny post! Makes sense to me in a germaphobe world. I was writting a post on this subject I thought it was interesting that the spell check kept red lining germaphobe without any options.


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