CarFreeBrad’s lost week! Blame Freight Farms Solving Urban Hunger!

As many of you many of you have noticed, I have been off my CarFreeBrad game this past week.  Insights, mediocre.  Humor, 5 out of 10(at best).  An overall lack of fun creative content.  I would love to blame it on holiday malaise, tons of school work, family obligations or that my girlfriend just got back from India but those would all be lies.

The laser beam focus of my life over the past week(and few months to be honest) has been Freight Farms and our Kickstarter campaign.  Originally I didn’t want to cross pollinate Freight Farms and CarFreeBrad(other than a quick mention and making a link available) but when it starts to effect my ability to deliver quality CarFree content to you, I have to say something.

I decided to post the Kickstarter video here and let you decide if it’s worth my wavering focus on over the past week.  It’s in your hands.

Please check out this project and judge accordingly.  If you like it, pass it along to ALL your friends.  If you hate it, let me know.  If you don’t get it, shoot me your email and phone # and I’d be glad to answer any questions you have until you do.

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