CarFreeBrad- Blog Talk

I will be giving this lecture at Clark University and I have mixed feelings about it. The “mixed” part of my feelings comes from my complete lack of idea how to approach it. Apparently it will take place in a room where everyone has a computer and can follow along or practice different “techniques” I use.

That is awesome but it means that I will have to figure out what those “techniques” actually are. As you likely know by now, I just “wing it” a lot of the time. I’ve never officially learned how to do any of the CarFreeBrad stuff I do. I just do it.

So yes, I’m the Nike of the Blogosphere.

I guess my main concern is that I will be so terrible that I will singlehandedly turn an entire lecture hall full of students off the idea of blogging forever. I want to make sure it is fun, interesting, engaging….you know all that “good lecturer” stuff.

Looks like I’ve got to put in some time to make sure I don’t look like a bozo!

Wish me luck and if you are around Worcester on Nov 29th at noon, come watch me “wow” ’em or go down in flames. Either way, entertaining for you!

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