CarFree Hygiene

I had a revelation today.  It is now Friday and I have showered at my condo exactly once this week.  I’ve stopped in to brush the teeth, change and head back out quite a few times but nothing more than a touch up and costume change.

You may be thinking that CarFreeBrad is a dirty individual that is giving CarFree people everywhere a bad name but don’t fret, I’ve showered everyday this week.  This dramatic revelation opened my eyes to a CarFreeBrad issue that needs to be addressed to help anyone else that is considering ditching their vehicle.

I never gave the hygiene issue a lot of thought which is par for the course in this experiment. It was just a problem that needed to be solved so I did.  What I didn’t consider was how difficult this issue is/will be for others living CarFree.  I have access to the gym at Clark University (and sometimes I use it) and the locker room has proved to be a most valuable asset.  I’m able to stash some “b” team boxers, socks and a few less than desirable t-shirts to save me when I inevitable forget one of those key items when I pack my bike at around 530am each morning.

I don’t know if any of you have ever taken a shower after forgetting to bring a towel, but it is a hilarious exercise in creative problem solving.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it’s an exercise I have suffered through on more than one occasion.  It usually involves aforementioned t-shirts, a wall mounted hand dryer and lots of awkward moments.

The pressing issue of the day is, what would I do/have done if I didn’t have access to this resource?  What do others do to remedy this situation?


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