Bunny Hopping around Boston with Hubway

One last Hubway adventure before the bikes are packed up for the winter.

I had drinks with an old friend and the Boston Founding Manager of TaskRabbit, Mike Hughes on Tuesday night.  It was a great time as we met up at Biddy Early’s and the night was perfect, 60 degrees and clear skies.

He was supposed to meet some colleagues from tweetee across town as well as his girlfriend so we needed to make some decisions.  Make the move or create some lame excuse to stay.  After a quick brainstorm, we realized that we should take advantage of the nice night and Hubway to save some time and money.  Also, a nice brisk ride across town is super invigorating.  By the time we got over to The Pour House, I was totally recharges where I had been fading a bit before.

It ended up being a great night and I met some interesting people.  I capped it all off by grabbing a Hubway bike and shooting to South Station just in time for my train.

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