How do I not be a dick? CarFreeBrad’s Awkward Moments

To follow up my post on everyone’s kind words that get me by on those tough days, I’ve found myself wondering exactly how do I graciously accept comments, praise and just general CarFreeBrad acknowledgement?

I’m no celebrity so it’s not a common occurrence that someone recognizes me as CarFreeBrad but I’m happy to say it has happened enough times for me to be paranoid about my level of awkwardness.  I never know what to say when some calls me out as CarFreeBrad or worse yet says they are a fan of this blog.  I’m not used to it and don’t know I ever will be, and immediately get overwhelmed with gratitude that someone is ACTUALLY reading this.  I don’t know how to approach it at all.  I want to say “thank you for reading” which I managed to utter once or twice but what next?  I want to express just how much I appreciate them reading and encourage feedback but I don’t want to gush or sound pretentious instigating conversation about myself.

As I’ve addressed before on, I’m not really that comfortable talking about myself.  I know this may be a bit of a surprise coming from a guy who named his blog after himself and is practically obsessed with writing about himself but it’s true.  I’ll talk about Freight Farms or clean energy until I’m blue in the face but the nature of discussing CarFreeBrad is talk about me.  It feel weird.

The only way I can remedy this anxiety is to ask the readers what I should do.  Do I ask you about your CarFree aspirations? Or if you own a bike?  Maybe just toss a curve and drop “what’s your sign?” to really throw you off.

Regardless of how I deal with this in the future, the conversation inevitable turns to its logical end of how did this all get started?  It’s a great question, makes for fun conversation and I have yet to tire of answering it.

The problem is that I answer this question differently every time so I’m going to ask for your future forgiveness if I make statements to contradict myself when we meet in person.  I convinced that this is the “blessing & curse” of writing completing off the top of my head 99% of the time.  Sure editing and proofreading will ensure proper grammatical use, continuity and that all my words are real english but where’s the fun in that?

At this point(which may be different tomorrow) I say give me terrible grammar, contradictory statements and made up words everywhere everyday.  As long as I remain honest and having fun, it’s a winning formula.

Moral of this post: call me out as CarFreeBrad just to watch me squirm as I try to formulate my response and you never know what you’ll get.

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