ATV-Bee! Epic Fail

I felt it was imperative to post this video for a few reasons.  First because I find it funny as hell.  Second, no one was seriously hurt.  Finally, because I can justify posting an ATV video as “CarFree” on a technicality.  A little background, this game was invented a few years ago by my friends and I in upstate NY where we have an abundance of open fields and time to kill.  The concept is simple, we got tired of regular frisbee.  In order to save out legs for hiking, running, biking, swimming, and floating the river we brought in the ATVs to ramp up the speed and distance we can cover on the long tosses.

 I have to admit, this clip would have been better if I made the catch.  I’m glad this clip doesn’t have my audio so no one will ever hear me yelping like a little girl as I bounce off the apple tree branches and roll through a thorn patch.

Please remember to do as I say and learn from my experience.  Go out and play ATV-Bee but wear your helmet and I suggest jeans, long sleeves and gloves.

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