Scene of the Crime- Part Deux

This evening I must return to the “scene of the crime” from last month.  As some of you may recall, I had a rather traumatic experience when my light and favorite windbreaker were stolen from my bike while parked in the heart of the beautiful WPI campus.  To this day, I continue to park my bike in some pretty unsavory places and haven’t had another problem with theft.

Last week I finally found a light that, while not as good as the one that I lost, will do the job.  The pain from the loss of my jacket is still very much an open wound.  I still fantasize that I will see some punk wearing my windbreaker around town, roll up on him and take back what it mine.  But that is beside the point.

As I head over to the WPI campus again, I’ve got mixed emotions and I’m not sure how to play it.  Rest assured that regardless of how late, early or in between I’m running I will not forget to strip down my bike and lock up every inch of it.

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