Boring Blogposts!

I’ve come to realize that my last few posts have been pretty boring and I’m not happy about that.  I don’t know if I’m just having an uninspired week or what but I can’t seem to get any good CarFree insight going lately.  It could be a number of factors but overall I think it might actually be a good thing.

A while back I wrote about the point that living CarFree moved from novelty to reality and riding my bike was no longer a fun cool thing I do, but just the everyday way I get around.  I think this latest lull in posts may be another byproduct of living CarFree becoming routine and the past week being rather boring.  Don’t get me wrong a lot of really cool stuff has transpired in the past week.  Look no further than CarFreeBrad Media Blitz for exciting stuff but my commutes have been pretty boring.

I’ve established the best routes around town that avoid traffic(somewhat) and hills (somewhat less), the weather has cooperated(I was out-of-town for the snow storm) and drivers have been very nice or at least just ignored me.  All this together has allowed me to spend my time just peddling away, letting my mind wander from topic to topic.  This is great for formulating ideas but bad for actually getting them out of my head.

I haven’t yet, but I may start to refer to this blog as “like being in a relationship”.  That said, maybe we are just going through a down time and need to take some time to reconnect.  Perhaps I’ve just been really busy and distracted.  Either way, I’m going to set aside some time to sit down with my bike and really talk so that we can work this thing out.  The winter is coming and we need to be on the same page if we want this relationship to survive to the spring.

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