Terrible Decision

I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport today. She’ll be in India for a few weeks.

I was able to make a productive day outta the afternoon that included some Stats work, reading even a trip to the gym. After a few phone calls and attempts to do some more work, I realized that my social life may have just left for India.

Never being one to sit still too long, I decided I should join some Clark Grad Students for drinks at a local watering hole, but first I needed to eat.

That’s were my problems start and the bad decision started. Anyone who has been in New England during November knows that the temperature can get almost nice at 4 but as soon as the sun goes down all bets are off.

Tonight it got cold FAST and the moral of the story is that trying to bike around an unfamiliar neighborhood to find a place to eat and have a beer is a TERRIBLE IDEA! Exploring by bike is a warm weather activity.

I’m freezing and ended up even farther from home not closer. Let’s just hope this is a mistake I only make once.

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