Month: November 2011

  • A Long Way from CarbFreeBread!

    A while back and what seems like years ago, I asked a fellow Clark University Dual Degree student to write a guest post on  My buddy Pat had just moved outside the tight circle of campus and would be doing most of his travel by bike.  I always found him to be quick-witted and […]

  • 30 Minutes……

    Until I potentially embarrass the hell out of myself.  I’m giving a guest lecture at Clark University on blogging and CarFreeBrad.  I’m excited but as with any important event last-minute doubts will creep in. I’m in that stage now.  Will they like me? Am I really interesting or knowledgable enough to do this?  I should […]

  • Bike Activists Use Trash To Prove That Bike Lanes Work

    Re:Cycling- Bike Activists Use Trash To Prove That Bike Lanes Work : TreeHugger. “TreeHugger has covered the tragic death of Jenna Morrison, the 38 year old pregnant mom squished under the wheels of a truck turning right in Toronto a few weeks ago. Her death has led many to question why there are not separated bike […]

  • The Day I Long For Cigarette Butts

    Between a great Thanksgiving weekend, Freight Farms Kickstarter project being featured on a number of my favorite websites and this weather this week was looking to be pretty good. Overall, the week is still looking good but my commute this morning pulled be out of my great outlook on life for just a few minutes. […]

  • Bodie meets an ambulance siren….AWESOME!

    So Bodie is a unique animal, a mix of a Chinese crested and black lab, so he looks like a tiny black lab.  Anyway, he was my roommate for about 2 years and almost never, literally never made a sound.  After about a year he began to loosen up and would occasionally make tiny hushed […]

  • Ironic Statement of the Year- Yeah, I said that!

    I’ve always been a huge fan of documenting the silly and ironic things that people say when they talk about anything CarFree be it biking, running, walking, bus travel and any combination of these.  I don’t think any other blog gets more enjoyment out of these such statements. As it happens, I didn’t have to […]

  • Blatant Re-Post to Show My Support for NHS Football on Thanksgiving!

    Considering that it’s Thanksgiving and Needham Vs. Wellesley is the longest running high school football rivalry in the country I wanted to comment on and support my alma mater and I realized (when I found this post) that this is the best way to do that.  Please enjoy! You can never go home again, NHS […]

  • Most Searched CarFreeBrad Terms

    I don’t know if I should be disappointed, proud, or what.  Without further adieu the top two are: Busch beer camo cans Busch camo cans 2011 Like I said. Very Revealing!  Good to know what posts really make a difference in the world.  But it’s these revelations that make creating CarFreeBrad so great, these are […]

  • Most Popular Post…

    That may not be a question that keeps you up at night but now that I put it out there aren’t you curious? Well, I’m not going to tell you that, I’ll do you one better as we all prep for Thanksgiving. This past week I discovered that I can see what search terms have […]

  • CarFreeBrad’s lost week! Blame Freight Farms Solving Urban Hunger!

    As many of you many of you have noticed, I have been off my CarFreeBrad game this past week.  Insights, mediocre.  Humor, 5 out of 10(at best).  An overall lack of fun creative content.  I would love to blame it on holiday malaise, tons of school work, family obligations or that my girlfriend just got […]