Overwhelmed by Awesome #NI11

I very rarely find myself gushing on this blog. It doesn’t really fit with the whole theme. I came close upon the launch of Hubway Boston but I was able to contain myself.

Normally, I would wait until after the conference and my trip to Portland had ended but I just wanted to get it out of the way. I’m 3 hrs in and already know I’ll need to gush so why wait.

Just on the walk over to the Portland Convention Center(that’s about 2 blocks) I saw 6 bike racks and 4 people riding with helmets, in the street, following basic traffic rules. IT WAS AWESOME!

The conference has been just as great and I’ve only been in one session with a few hundred fellow Net Impact chapter leaders so far!

I’ll be gathering International CarFree Opinions from top MBA students all weekend. I can’t wait to see what people have to say!!!!

We’ll see but I bet it’s gonna’ be AWESOME!

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