Net Impact Conference- Portland, OR

For CarFreeBrad being in Portland, OR is kind of like being in the promised land.  I’m SO excited to be in Portland.  The last time I was out west my focus was on hitting the backcountry at Mt.Hood and getting crazy with some great snowboarding legends at Windells.

This trip will be very different but just as great.  I expect to take tons of pictures and gain a whole new level of inspiration on every level.  Net Impact inspiration, CarFree inspiration and overall life mission inspiration.

If there is anything you’re curious about or want to know what I’m up to and what’s going on at the Net Impact Conference 2011 follow me & message me on twitter @CarFreeBrad

Just so you aware, this is where I’ll be and I’m so pumped about it! 

Here’s an idea of what my last trip to Portland was like in case you are curious!

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