Tough Travel Day & Counting

So I had a big travel day planned that needs a lot of things to go right. Well, so far NOT so good!

The agenda was simple. Take my bag for my 4 days in Portland, OR along with my work bag on the commuter rail, hop on the silver line to the New England Clean Energy Council annual meeting. Try to connect with my dad in Southie, beg him to take me to lunch and give me a ride to the airport(or hop back on silver line). Finally, catch my flight to the West coast at 430 out of Logan.

Simple enough until the 6 am commuter rail is a no show in Worcester and the 620 am runs about 20 minutes late then crawls all the way to Boston.

So it’s 825, I left my apt(on foot b/c my bike is not equipt to carry a suitcase) 3 hours ago sill sitting on the train.

I guess “on time” for the Annual Meeting at 8 am is OUT. All I know is it had better not rain right now. I’m not prepared physically or mentally for that.

Ok, gotta’ reset the mental clock(as soon as I get off this train) and get ready for the Net Impact Conference.

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