At Least I Know What I’m Getting

I caught the weather on channel 5 this morning as I left my apt and I’m pretty sure they were talking snow for Thursday.  Couple of issues with that.  One, I’ll be in Oregon as of Wednesday night so it doesn’t really effect me.  Two, I’m a huge winter sports guys so this news causes a gut reaction of joy and anticipation.  Three, I heard it while getting layered up for my bike ride to the train station so I quickly tempered my enthusiasm.

As I was riding to the train this am, I began to realize that I should embrace the snow and another “terrible” New England winter.  Why? You might ask, well the title says it all.  When it snows, I know exactly what I’m getting.  It’s a clear-cut picture and there is no doubt that I need to layer up and get ready to go to war on the roads.  For me, it’s actually easier to get myself mentally and physically ready to go for a snowstorm then “anybody’s guess” weather that comes along with the fall.  I’ve had too many mornings when I’m frozen in the morning just to spend the rest of my day sweating profusely as the sun comes out of nowhere and the temp hits 65+ all day.

I don’ think, I know it’s the way I’m built but it’s easier for me to warm up then to cool down. Even in the coldest of winter months my body has a tendency to overreact so that as soon as I walk into a nice cozy heated building, I start to sweat….A LOT!  Unfortunately, the opposite is not true and when it’s hot and I walk into a refreshingly cool air-conditioned room I continue to sweat for hours.  I won’t say I can’t win but it’s easier for me to deal with cold weather as I can just layer down outside and ease into the interior warmth.

Long story, short I welcome the real winter weather with all its snow, sleet and freezing rain because I know what I’m getting.  I’m going to stick to this story for about as long as the rest of New England maintains a positive attitude towards snow, so my guess it December 1st, maybe Christmas if November is really mild.

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