Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road. Gross Generalization Alert!

While I refuse to make “gross generalizations” about people because that is inherently wrong ethically and when the facts are revealed, this blog is for the most part my observations about things upon which I have done no research beyond my daily commute.  The beauty(good & bad) of the internet is that there are no barriers to sharing observations in just such a way.  I see things, notice a pattern and express them to the world.

With that in mind, I actually waited as long as I could to write this post so as I clear my mind and think logically about it.  After this “cooling off” period, my judgement still stands.  THE MOST DANGEROUS VEHICLES ON THE ROAD FOR BIKES ARE…………


I will not go into detail on the exact  incidents that forced this conclusion because there are many and it will just get me upset again.  As I tend to do, I’d like to focus on the irony of this observation because that is the part that makes me so mad.

A fact very few can deny is that if as a cyclist, driver or pedestrian did anything even remotely out of line(or in line) to endanger the safety of these vehicles (on purpose or inadvertent), they are the first ones to “throw a fit”.  They are quick to throw the fact that there are innocent lives at stake in “this vehicle” out the open window(as they speed to catch up to you).  The venom that I’ve seen spewed by these vehicles at others who they have interpreted as having endangered them is nearly unparalleled.

The irony I can’t seem to get past is that as soon as that “precious cargo” leaves the friendly confines of said School Bus or Minivan, that “precious cargo” is just another potential victim just like you and me.

I have no solutions and don’t think that anything I ever say or write will change the fact that there are bad drivers, bad cyclists and bad pedestrians.  In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve been a bad driver, a bad cyclist and a bad pedestrian.  I guess all I’m asking is for the recognition that it’s a “two-way street”.  We’ve all been right sometimes and we’ve all been wrong sometimes but it’s the driver, cyclist, or pedestrian that is right ALL THE TIME that is the most dangerous on the road.

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