Yellow is the New Green!

I wish I had been at this event like you read about in blogs(like  Innovative thinking and creative problem solving about an issue that I find really cool. Sure I offer no intellectual capital but can provide enthusiasm by the (bike) basket full.

“There is a stronger, more flexible board out there than the one you’re riding. And it’s sun-soaked yellow, according to Rey Banatao of Entropy Resin. His words were heavy on the gathered crowd at “Surf Re-Evolution” in York, ME — especially once they were satiated with good energy, beer, and brick-oven pizza.

Over 400 people made the trek on September 10th to this event held at Grain’s compound located amidst the rolling green hills of southern Maine. Farm-grade fencing funneled attendees in from the ad hoc parking lot, which on an ordinary day serves as the western edge of Grain’s farm. Security (in reality a pair of charming ladies) served as the only barrier between the Dogfish Head Brewery tent and my thirst. Instead of the 21-plus-bracelet I was hoping for at the gate, I received a polite request from the ladies to return with my license. During the cow-patty laden walk back to my car to fetch my ID, I remembered the severity of Maine’s underage drinking laws — something I learned growing up there — and how good a fresh beer tastes in crisp September weather.”


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