Chink in the Armour- BIG TIME!

The last few weeks the weather has been up and down but very nice overall.  The rain has held off and only come down hard during my non-commute times but this week and the next few months all bets are off.

Late October is sort of like pre-season.  Everything it awkward and slow, you take it all about half speed just trying to figure out the nuances of your playbook, get in shape for the real thing and not hurt yourself.  It is also the time to find your weaknesses and address them.

This week I found the chink in my wet weather armour……my feet!  I’ve decided to go with a full body rubber suit to seal up the majority of my body but it has left my lower leg and feet wide open.  It’s super uncomfortable to ride at 730am and try to go home at 10pm and have to put on soaking wet sneakers.  Not to mention the fact that after 5 minutes my feet weight 10 lbs each.  I’m not sure how to fix this because I don’t think big rubber boots are the answer but I don’t know yet.

Problem, solution.  Problem, solution…..that’s the name of the game in this CarFree life!

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