“Occupy Worcester”- Maybe I just don’t get it?

Ok, so I’m not a big public politics guy and don’t try to use CarFreeBrad.com for any type of platform(except the whole CarFree thing of course) so don’t take this as political statement.  It’s just another observation in a long line of observations.

As a rather simple man, I’ve enjoyed watching the whole “occupy” movement evolve because I’m just as pissed about “stuff” as the protesters.  There has to be some serious frustration on the part of the people when this many people show up in NYC, Boston, etc to protest and there isn’t even a defined party line.  Ask 100 people what they are against and you’ll get 85 different answers.  But the level of frustration and disgust is palpable and that can’t be denied.

I plan on trying to cruise by the “occupy Worcester” protest on my way from work to WPI this afternoon(assuming the train’s on time) to get a firsthand look but I’m pretty sure I don’t get it.  Why “occupy” Worcester?  It doesn’t seem to be able to have much effect.  Maybe I’m new in town and don’t know the intricacies of the city yet(both are true) but is there a major financial center or “machine” in play down at Worcester Common?  More importantly, is that what “occupy Worcester” is against?

These are serious questions, because I really don’t know and feel like I should figure it out. If I can figure it out, I can tell if CarFreeBrad should support it.  It seems like something CarFreeBrad would/should support but we’ll see.

Photo Gallery: Occupy Worcester 10/10/11 | Worcester Mag | The Alternative Source for News – Art – Dining – Nightlife | Photo Gallery.

2 responses to ““Occupy Worcester”- Maybe I just don’t get it?”

  1. Brad: I think this is a gathering of people who are generally enthused by Occupy Wall Street, and want to be supportive of that movement, in collaboration with their friends and neighbors, and without necessarily taking the bus to Manhattan. I can understand how having the tactic “Occupy” in their name without their taking steps to employ that tactic is a bit confusing.


  2. That makes sense to me. I hadn’t thought of that angle but I like it. Those of us in Worcester can’t all exactly head to Manhattan and/or Boston but can show support locally. I’d really like to see them take up a noble and pointed cause that I can get behind. I think I support the whole thing but I’m not 100% sure what I’m supporting. Now that I’ve said that, maybe that’s the point and why so many people continue to join the “occupy” movement. It’s easier to support an idea than a hardline position so I imagine(and think I’m sure) it’s even easier to support a feeling.

    Mike, I know blame you for me getting all philosophical! I will blame you for any and all posts in which I ramble on pontificating about ideas, causes, and feeling!


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