Hubway “Occupy Boston” to the tune of 100,000 riders!

After a phone interview yesterday with Worcester Magazine about the NuRide ( and the future/potential for change in the “bike-friendliness” of Worcester, I saw this and have to feel good.  Every step that Boston takes toward 100% bike-friendly status, the closer and easier it is for Worcester.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve been a HUGE fan of Hubway since day one.  Hell, I applied for a job with them just to try to be a part of the action part-time.  That didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean I can’t evangelize the concept every chance I get.  Check out some of these stats and tell me; Is Boston some type of bike anomaly or could this happen in Worcester or your city?

“In a rate of usage that has surpassed even the most optimistic estimates, the city’s 10-week-old program turned it’s 100,000th ride over the weekend. Credit the weather for giving Hubway it’s two busiest days to date. Beautiful, wasn’t it?

Here’s the stats behind the early success, as provided by Boston’s bike czar Nicole Freedman:


Average ride: 1.13 miles

Average ride: 1.13 miles
Total miles: 115,260 miles
Earth’s circumference at the equator: 24,901 miles

By residence: 48 percent from out-of-town
By gender: 32 percent female
By occupation: 11 percent are students; 80 percent work in Boston
By bike ownership: 50 percent don’t own a bike in working condition”

via The Hubway Turns 100,000 | Boston Daily.

One response to “Hubway “Occupy Boston” to the tune of 100,000 riders!”

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