I’m such a Geek! Tell you you didn’t love legos as a kid.

I’m such a geek, but I love it.  Other than my feeble attempts to entertain you and live CarFree, I also own a small company.  Yeah, we don’t make any money yet so I can’t say I work for myself.  I guess, you could say I volunteer for myself.  Who better to help for free then yourself?

So I’ve been meeting with investors and angels basically all the money people who want to find the next big billion dollar idea who ask all the hard questions as a business owner you constantly think about but hope no one ever asks.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan a visuals because spreadsheet and biz plans are great but they can’t always convey the big picture. And if more people are like me, you’ve got about 60 seconds to make me “get it” or I’ve mentally moved on to the rest of my day.

So rather that write my 8-page macroeconomic analysis paper and write an earth shattering funny blog post, I decide to start to build a scale model of the Freight Farms concept for all to enjoy.  It’s only a very rough start but it’s totally brought out the little kid who could play with legos for days in me.  I’m open to suggestions, thoughts and even some “hate” comments(it’s been at least a day since I got one of those).

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