Month: October 2011

  • Net Impact Conference 2011 Personal Recap

    It was a tremendous 4 days in the Pacific Northwest in which the Clark Net Impact members got to experience a bit of everything that the area has to offer from the rural feel of the a mountain side home to the forward thinking Mecca that is urban Portland. I could go on and on about […]

  • Happy CarFree Halloween!

    Well, I landed safe and sound from Portland Oregon and all the rumors are true!  Holy Sh*t, it looks like a war zone around Worcester.  I was going to create a commentary on the stark contrast of the huge tree branches full of green leaves all over the streets covered in the white snow but […]

  • Intel Build A Bike @NI11

    Fellow Net Impact Member and I participated in the Intel “Build a Bike” program at The Net Impact Conference, building these tiny bikes and donating them to local kids. It was gr8 to give back and start the next generation of CarFree people!

  • 10 inches!?!?!

    I’m finishing things up here in Portland and this city has the blog idea bank overflowing. I was riding a CarFree high after working on the Intel “build a bike” project at the Net Impact Conference with a couple of good guys from Claremont University MBA program. There are bikes everywhere, everyone one rides everywhere. […]

  • Rack of the Year! In A Bar!

    I went to the Spirit of 77 for diner and beers…..this thing forced me to reinstate the “Rack of the Day”. I mean a city has to be #1 in “bike-friendliness” when the bars have bike racks. I repeat, the bars have bike racks! Awesome!

  • Overwhelmed by Awesome #NI11

    I very rarely find myself gushing on this blog. It doesn’t really fit with the whole theme. I came close upon the launch of Hubway Boston but I was able to contain myself. Normally, I would wait until after the conference and my trip to Portland had ended but I just wanted to get it […]

  • Net Impact Conference- Portland, OR

    For CarFreeBrad being in Portland, OR is kind of like being in the promised land.  I’m SO excited to be in Portland.  The last time I was out west my focus was on hitting the backcountry at Mt.Hood and getting crazy with some great snowboarding legends at Windells. This trip will be very different but […]

  • Tough Travel Day & Counting

    So I had a big travel day planned that needs a lot of things to go right. Well, so far NOT so good! The agenda was simple. Take my bag for my 4 days in Portland, OR along with my work bag on the commuter rail, hop on the silver line to the New England […]

  • At Least I Know What I’m Getting

    I caught the weather on channel 5 this morning as I left my apt and I’m pretty sure they were talking snow for Thursday.  Couple of issues with that.  One, I’ll be in Oregon as of Wednesday night so it doesn’t really effect me.  Two, I’m a huge winter sports guys so this news causes […]

  • Tandem Time

    So that other night, I was one my way off campus cruising on my way, contemplating going to a happy hour event with some fellow grad students.  It had been a long week and I was feeling a little run down but wanted to stop in and say hello. My spirits were immediately lifted when […]