How did I miss this!!!

Cyclists Whiz Around City Hall for $40,000 Prize!  Seriously, how did I not know about this.  I mean I’m CarFreeBrad and was one of two people I know who joined my Tour De France Fantasy League.  The other was my GF, because I signed her up to “get the ball rolling”(that didn’t really work thought).

So how am I so far out of the loop that a race around city hall goes completely without notice?  My radar must be all out of whack.  I’m not saying I definitely would have gone but I’ll miss 100/100 times if I have no idea it’s going on!

PHOTOS: Cyclists Whiz Around City Hall for $40,000 Prize – Beacon Hill, MA Patch.

People, do me a favor when you see things like this and just direct message me on twitter so I know what’s going on…..PLEASE!

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