A Horse is CarFree Too!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome my Aunt to the Blogosphere with “Ride with Peg” and encourage all types of CarFree living.

Many people(who are wrong) still consider riding a bike to be “beneath them”.  I’m not going to question their morally dry well or an intellect.  Instead I will offer a perfectly acceptable solution……Horse!

What is more noble and stately then traveling by horse?

Short answer: NOTHING!  But first you gotta’ learn the rules of the trail and practice the basics same way you gotta’ get your permit, take drivers ed and then mom will let you get your license and drive the station wagon.

So check out “Ride with Peg” for all your equestrian needs.  Hell, they have a mini-horse!  It’s a tiny little horse, you don’t beat that!  It’s the Tom Brady with short hair of the equestrian world!

So even if you aren’t “too good” for biking but have always wanted to try horseback riding hit up “Ride with Peg” to learn how or to just take a ride.  At least check out the MINI-HORSE, did I mention that thing is awesome!

3 responses to “A Horse is CarFree Too!!”

  1. Just starting the Blogosphere thing and I’m a bit intimidated! I can ride a 1,000 lb animal over a 3′[ fence but blogging, now that’s a challenge. Linking blog from website, UGH!!! Going to try WordPress since NetworkedBlogs is a nightmare!!


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