Close Call of the Month- This one could have been ugly!

So I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a section the “Close Call of the Month” to highlight the most ridiculous and bone-headed ways that drivers have tried to kill me.  I was pretty sure there would be no lack of material but then I started to think it was a bit to morbid and might make my mom nervous.  Besides, the goal of this thing, other than documenting my rants as a fumble through it, is to give a clear picture of my CarFree Life.  This section would only serve to highlight an aspect that covers .01% of my time on the road and that can be cut down to .0000000000000001% by other bikers who follow my tips along the way to avoid certain situations.  Those tips are coming later on!

For now, I had to share a “Close Call of the Month” because it’s funny and real.  When I was thinking about creating an actual segment, I was having a bit of trouble coming up with funny incidents that would put a smile on your face not a frown and wouldn’t make you nervous to get on your bike.

Lo and Behold, look no further than your nearest bike commute for answers!  This happened last week during those crazy intense rainstorms we had around Massachusetts. Inclement weather always means I have to be on high alert trying to get home so I was wide-eyed with my head on a swivel.  I kept low on my bike in an athletic stance, ready to play defense at any moment.

I was cruising on a wide but usually pretty quiet street that leads into a major intersection and busy road when I saw this guy.  I knew from the moment I saw him about 200 yards out he would be a problem.  It’s just a feeling you get from watching people on the roads all this time and this was a bad feeling.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and kept peddling.  

As I approached, I could tell he was getting ready to make a move that would cut me off.  I kept thinking he would look, he had to at least glance, maybe just a half look and he would see me.  I was getting so close that I swear he didn’t have to look, he could hear and feel me.

As the rain that was stinging my face, when I got right up into “no man’s land” on his back left, it happened!  He took that hard left and just charged all the way across the street and made a b-line for the far curb.  Good thing I had checked my 6 and the coast was clear for me to swerve and scare the crap out of him just after he stepped off the curb!

Yeah, it was a pedestrian!  But not just any regular pedestrian.  One of those oblivious people stuck under their umbrella, who I swear want to die.  If this guys couldn’t notice me 8 inches from him, he sure as hell wouldn’t have seen a car in the road!

I just don’t know how some people live as long as they do.

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