Standing on the Job- Just a simplified version of my idea!



I few months back I lamented that there wasn’t a desk designed for use with a bike on a trainer.  It was something that I had thought about a lot, for a long time.  Obviously, I’m a staunch supporter of all things bike but I can also get very busy.  When I would be at my desk for 10-18 hours a day, my body would start to rebel.  Standard pains from years of beating up my body would spike and I would discover parts of my body hurting that I had never even felt before.  Turns out this Canadian entrepreneur had the same problem, he just simplified the solution and arranged to do what I would end up doing anyway, standing at work.

Standing up on the job – The new ergonomics for the mobile worker?

“Toronto-based entrepreneur Evan Carmichael is making major life changes. Some are physical, like walking to work instead of driving. Others are material. Like forsaking men’s dress shoes for a pair of Vibram FiveFingers.  The footwear resembles colourful frog’s feet and, yes, Carmichael – an international speaker who has consulted with companies including Microsoft, Xerox, and Google – gets his share of stares. 

What’s it’s meant for the 31-year-old is this: he feels little pain in his knees and lower back, compared to what he suffered throughout his 20s while working long hours at a desk to establish his business. “My doctor would say ‘You’re young, you shouldn’t have these issues,’ I saw chiropractors, tried orthotics and inserts. And nothing really worked.”

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