World CarFree Day is Tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is world carfree day!  So please take a few minutes tonight to think about it and prepare yourself.  If it’s at all possible please consider walking, riding, taking the train or bus tomorrow.  It’s only one day, so pull out that old bike of yours, dust it off and get ready.  You may not be fully prepared, in shape, comfortable on the a bike, but it’s WORLD CARFREE DAY!  If there is one day to suck it up and give it a try, tomorrow s that day.

In order to maximize your experience, relax and follow these few tips:

1. Prep Tonight: don’t wait until you get up,  make the decision now that you will ride your bike.

2. Check the Weather

3. Pick the bag you will use and pack it.

4. Lay out 3 outfits NOW: two to ride in and one to change into.  One ride outfit should reflect ideal conditions, the other to match potential weather.

I’ve got about 100 more tips that will make your experience better but if you want them, you’ll have message or tweet me(@carfreebrad).  But the most important tip to make your CarFree day a success, is committment!  Have a bit of an attitude about it.  That “me against the world” mentality is very good in this case.  Refuse to be denied by the weather, drivers, hills, or your own self-doubt.  Keep that chip on your shoulder all day and wear it with pride!

Tomorrow is the one day of the year that I advocate for anyone who goes CarFree to brag about it and act like you are better than everyone else because tomorrow….YOU ARE!!!

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