First Newspaper picks up!

You can accuse me of selling out if you want but the fact remains the movement must expand.  Ok, that is a way over the top, self-important statement that is nowhere near true!

In reality, will be featured in Worcester Magazine this week in the little section they do call “Two Minutes With…..”.  It was a fun piece to do because I got o talk about CarFree living and make fun of myself a bit while attempting to explain this experience.  I’ve found it is really hard to define it and convince people who I would just give up my car without a “greater good” as motivation.  Deep down, I may have some semblance of a greater good but in no way do/did I think my living without a car would make a major difference.

To be honest, at this point, the decision is the best financial choice I’ve made in a long time.  As I enter the 2nd year of my MBA & Masters in Environmental Science program, my tiny cushion of cash reserve has been gone for a few months now and I’ve got to live on vapors.  I’m beginning to fully appreciate why a number of my friends who got their MBA’s a while back seemed to disappear for about 16 months.  You don’t have time to do much and don’t have money to do much of anything!

But I digress!  I did my photo shoot for Worcester Mag yesterday on Main St over by Clark University campus.  It didn’t take long and felt really strange to be standing by my bike out on the street with some guy snapping pictures as random people and fellow students walked by.  I don’t want to speak for the photographer but I could see in his eyes that

I was a great subject to shoot.  I dropped “blue steel” like a champ right in his eye!  At one point even channeling my inner TB12 and going “bedroom eyes”.  I asked if I could wear UGG boots and carry a baby goat to get the full TB12 recreation but it was very clear this wasn’t that kind of shoot.

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