Manifesto of an angry Bike Rider! Part 1.

I’ve spent plenty of time ranting and raving about terrible, oblivious drivers who threaten my life on a daily basis.  Today is not one of those days!  I’m using every bit of self-restraint here so bear with me.  I’ve had it with other bike riders, absolutely had it!

You’re all on notice.  I may not look like much but I bring the tongue lashing like nobody’s business and if you are carrying a piece, bring it! I’m shifty even on a bike.

To specify for those that don’t understand the ramblings of an angry CarFreeBrad.  I’m don’t with all the cyclists that do everything they can to give the rest of us a bad name and piss off drivers so that they are ready to run me down as soon as I roll up.

I don’t blame the kids who don’t know any better and I’d rather see a kid on the sidewalk  so that no moron driver can take a shot at him.

I’m all over the adults that ride the wrong way on the sidewalks, s

treets, etc and have determined that being on a bike gives them supreme “right of way” in all situations.  These people have been more dangerous to me over the past few rides than any car in the past few weeks and i”m sick of it.

I feel a “bike on bike” crime brewing.  I’m gonna’ go take a few deep breaths and attempt to move on.  But be warned, I’m fresh out of cheek

s to turn!!!!!

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