What You Miss……..

When you drive your car!

Yesterday I was on the commuter rail just minding my business feeling pretty indifferent about CarFreeBrad.com because I felt like the stream of interesting things to write about had sort of dried up.  The fact is, I was wrong!  I needn’t look any further than my train ride to garner some serious inspiration.

I realized that my favorite posts to read and write are just the random life observations that come out of nowhere as I live CarFree.  Well yesterday was a doozy!  The commute from Boston to Worcester take about 75 minutes and rarely do you get the pleasure of sharing a booth seat with the same person the whole time.  It works out really well because in the booth seats with the small table in the middle, you have to sit right across from someone and it can get awkward after about 45 minutes.  On this day, I got to spend the ENTIRE ride face to face with my new friend literally sat down at the same time at South Station and got up at the same time at Union Station.

It was the most “enteresting” ride every. It was half entertaining and half interesting but not fully either on of those.  Did I meet and have an interesting conversation…NO!  Was the person crazy….NO!  Perhaps it was a 75 minute cell phone conversation gone bad….NO!     BETTTER!

The gentleman that sat across from me fell asleep almost immediately upon sitting down.  he was in his late 30s/early 40s dressed “street chic” with a nice button down, new jeans and a fresh pair of Jordans.  He had twin braids in his hair, sweet shades and about 8 visible prison tattoos.  He had his iPod on the whole time so I knew conversation was not an option.  I thought maybe a little polite conversation at some point but I knew neither one of us was there to socialize so I went about doing some school work.

Until I heard this:

HE PROCEEDED TO SING THIS SONG EVERY FEW MINUTES FOR THE ENTIRE RIDE!  But not the whole song, he would wait for the chorus and just belt it out each time it came on!

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