OH GOD, I’m wearing Pleated Pants!

Near disaster avoided this morning! I have meetings all day then a class this afternoon so I thought I should look presentable.  Considering the fact that I haven’t been home for more than 45 minutes(while awake) this week, most of  my clothes are dirty so it was time to dig deep into the closet.

I was fired up when I found a nice pair of Khaki pants, way in the back, the kind of find that makes you wonder why you don’t remember buying them and why you don’t wear them more often.  They were clean, pressed and looking like a million buck on the hanger so I threw them on, ran an iron over my shirt and was feeling good about attacking my day.

Well, I sat down to lace up a sweet pair of boat shoes to complete the ensemble and it all came crashing down!  They were certified old man, pleated, elastic in the waistband pants!!!!!!  I sat for 2 seconds in silent disbelief similar to right after you get in an accident.  But that calm was quickly pushed aside by the necessity to get these things off of me!

You may be wondering, did you throw them out, donate them, etc?  The fact is I set myself up to fail again in the future by putting them back on the hanger in the back of the closet.  I suppose someday I will stop caring at all and those bad boys with their classy pleats and comfort fit waistband will be “the bees knees”!

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