Lord Stanley Goes CarFree!!!

Bruin Andrew Ference took the cup around town in a bike trailer.  I love and respect this move beyond words.  Mr.Ference has slowly crept up into the top 5 of guys I would like to be when I grow up.  It’s hard to dispute.  Homeboy is rocking a yellow T, on a bike, some badass ink work on both arms, is a pro hockey player, speaks out on environmental issues in the preseason with his hot as hell wife by his side, then just goes ahead and takes a spin around Boston with the Cup when it’s his time!  Unadulterated awesome!  He gets points for bringing it to the rehab hospital he visits so the kids could get a taste of the action.

I’m going out on a limb here, but are the Boston Bruins the number 1 CarFree Team in all of sports?  This is based on very little fact and mostly because I want them to be so that can incorporate the Bruins Logo into the CarFreeBrad logo(as soon as I design one).  Even with very little to back it up, the evidence of CarFree Awesomeness is building!


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