Hubway Virgin No More

This past weekend I went to the Sox game and had a great time. My gf drove us into town for a wedding the night before so we decided to keep it simple by parking way down Comm ave and walking. If you have the time, it’s always your best play and now it’s even better.

When we left the game, both of us weren’t looking forward to the long hot walk from Kenmore.

Now my first Hubway experience was not all positive. The station at Kenmore was busted! The touchscreen didn’t work so we it couldn’t do anything. I spoke to customer service and he directed me to the nearest station, but that was in the opposite direction we needed to go. We decided not to go to negativetown but to start our walk and if we came across another station get bikes there.

I think it’s safe to say that the BU section of Comm Ave is the most bike-friendly road in Boston and wouldn’t you know it, a few blocks up was another station. The process was as advertised and very easy. The bikes are heavy and built like tanks but with 3 easy to work gears even the rolling hills of Comm Ave were a breeze.

Overall, I wish the Kenmore station was working so I could rave about the experience. Even with this major issue, I’m very happy with the experience. It saved us about 20(although it should have been about 35)minutes on the walk and the breeze made the heat tolerable.

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