Where the F*%^ is my bike?

After a long week of classes and a few less than pleasant commutes across Worcester this week, I may have just lost my mind for a second!

I just lost my bike for the second time this week!  I lost it in the sense that I walked from one side of campus to the other, got to the bike rack and my bike wasn’t there because I locked it up somewhere else.  Normally, this would get a small rise out of me, a light chuckle and then I would go get my bike.

But this last time was different because I missed twice!  Yeah, you heard me.  Went to the next rack and no sign of my bike!  So after walking around for about 20 minutes, I remembered that I locked it up over by the gym so that I would have to walk back and forth a bunch of times!

Dear Long Weekend,

I need you bad right about now!




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