Jesus! Fisher of men or destroyer of CarFreeBrad?

So I’m back in the daily grind of cruising across Worcester at least twice a day and in many ways happy to be back.

Yesterday, I had the very unpleasant experience of sharing my ride down main st with a minivan sporting a number of pro-Jesus stickers.  I love the expression “fisher of men” and use it often in my daily life.  But in this case, the minivan was attempting to fish CarFreeBrad right off the road and into parked cars.  Based solely on the bumper stickers, I knew that the man driving the minivan was kind, virtuous and filled with abundant love with no ill will toward his fellow-man and/or bike rider.  I could tell because he was actively trying to clear the entire road by filling every lane with Jesus’ love aka using every lane all at once.

I only became suspicious of him after the third time he angled me off the road against the curb and the second time he put on his blinker but didn’t turn.  I began to think that this was the type of evil they write fables about, a wolf in jesus sticker clothes if you will. So I was on high alert the rest of the ride.

I tried riding fast, I tried riding slow.

I tried a hard right and swerving to and fro! (Did I just drop poetry on you?)

But this guy was right there the whole time.  Just before we parted ways, he tried one last time to take my life.  After 3 false signals to turn right, he had me tight against the curb approaching an intersection and without any signal at all cut the wheel and took the right.  Luckily, I’m quick like a bunny and was taking that right as well so a quick zig and small zag had me through the turn and safe.  At that point, I just stopped at the next red light and waited for him to go on his merry way.  

Don’t get me know, I don’t actually blame Jesus for yesterdays treacherous ride home and believe it was only by the grace of God that I survived.  I’m also 95% sure that the gentleman driving that deathmobile had no idea that I (or anyone else for that matter) was even on the road with him.

Alas, the sun rose again this morning and I live to fight another day.  You may have won this battle Jesus Van but I promise you I will test your resolve and keeping coming until the war is mine!


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