Cycles of Change……all of Worcester?

I read an article yesterday and tried to post about it from my phone but it got lost aka. I forgot to save it!

The gist of the article was focused on Boston’s transformation to a bike-friendly city with the culmination coming last this past month with the launch of the Hubway bike-sharing program.  The article went on to focus on the colleges in the surrounding area that have bike-sharing programs.

Toward the end of the article they mention the Clark University bike-sharing program cycles of change and it’s great to see the program getting some publicity because its an essential part of the CarFree movement!

Part of the mission is: “Cycles of Change is Clark University’s bicycle-themed student organization dedicated to promoting bicycling as a means of physical exercise, sustainable transportation, connection with the community, and recreation. We’re here to help Clark students and others in the surrounding community become as enthusiastic about biking as we are!”

My deep-rooted pessimism will not allow me to wax philosophical about how great it will be when Worcester is as bike-friendly as Boston, San Fransisco or Portland.  But I will admit that this a good start.  I’ve only lived in Worcester for about 13months but I’ve come to realize that the city isn’t going to do this on its own.  There is going to have to be a serious “grassroots” CarFree Movement in order make progress.

I’m not even looking for bike-friendly, I just want “bike-pseudo safe”!

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