Definition of Insanity……

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein ·

It’s official, I’m insane!

I learned my lesson on Monday or so I thought.  That lesson lasted until…….this morning! I showed up on campus for one meeting as a sweaty dripping mess. Of all the things I listed not to do before, during, after a bike commute, I did them ALL!!!!!!

Giant cup of coffee…….check!

Long Pants and Shirt…check!

Overweighted Bag…….. check!

Ending up having to rush because I had to put air in the tires……….double check!

Assuming that the temperature at 7am will be the same at 930……check!

As you can see it was a tough start to the day and I’m not feeling good about my CarFree choices today.  Let’s just hope that I can ACTUALLY learn my lesson this time and not repeat this problem for the rest of the summer/fall.

I guess the good news is it won’t be long until the 10 months of Massachusetts winter sets in and sweating will be a distant and found memory.

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