Margaret A.(McGillen) McNamara.

I was torn on this posting.  I’m not sure if it’s appropriate but I was sure I didn’t want to put it on Facebook so I figured was the best place.

My goal for this blog is to be as honest with you as I can as I struggle to live CarFree and this is all part of that struggle.  I consider everyone who reads as friends, some of you I see everyday others I will never meet, but friends nonetheless.  Many people have inquired as to details to pay their respects so I wanted to put them out there for those interested.

I’ve never been good at funeral/wakes, not like anyone is good, but I never know if I should go.  Then if I go, what do I say, will I sound generic and insincere?  Being on the other side of the things, it seems that a smile, hug and “I’m sorry for your loss” from anyone who simply wants to show respect for the life of someone you loved is perfect and appreciated.

Margaret A. (McGillen) McNamara Obituary: View Margaret McNamara’s Obituary by The Boston Globe.

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