CarFree Limbo……

Don’t worry, I’m not questioning my mission to live CarFree (a little late for that anyway!).  I’m just having a tough motivation day as this and next week are a serious time of limbo for me.  My summer has ended and the Fall semester starts Monday. The next 10 days are a strange time for someone like me.  I like to have a lot going on and pride myself on constantly making moves but that is very difficult when pretty much everything is up in the air for the next week or so.

By everything, I literally mean it all; class schedule, life schedule, work(still need to get another job) schedule, company schedule, student club obligation schedule.  All of these things are up in the air!  This is not a bad thing nor am I complaining, I just need to point out that living CarFree adds a wrinkle to it all.

I’ve had some people tell me not to “try to do it all” while others tell me to “do it all now” and I don’t know quite which way to go.  On the one hand, I feel that I should embrace the fact that I’m in school getting these degrees to prepare myself for the future and take full advantage of the fact that all my academic obligations dictate that I will be living on the edge of poverty for the next 18 months.  I can accept this fact along with the 18 hours days in the library and focus on improving myself and my network through conferences, panels, workshops and drinks with my classmates while continuing to close deals and develop new business for United Hydroponics, INC.  All this in the hopes of dramatic future success while enjoying the chaos and fluidity of my situation.

On the other hand, I feel that I should be much more practical and pull back on my self-improvement, admit that I’m a 30+ year old man who needs to make sound practical personal and financial decisions for now,  and focus on the “acceptable” next steps in life that will allow me to “settle down”.

I could go on and on, but the argument just runs in circles and would be a waste of your time so instead I will ask for you opinion and then respond at the end of the week:

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