$5 Million Dollar Bike Bridge, Now We’re Talking!

Oh Minnesota!  You’re so cute.  Don’t get me wrong, I love any municipality that recognizes the importance of bike travel and will invest $5mil for it…….But……..

Did anyone else catch some of the details like that it is longer to take the bridge than the street!  Now this video presumably promotes this idea so why would you include that segment of the interview?  On the one hand, you have the politician explaining the cost-benefit of the users of the bridge to cost in comparison to road costs and cars.  Great argument until you factor in that even avid bikers only take the bridge “when they have extra time”!  I don’t know about you but I love to leave plenty of time to get myself around by bike and I still find myself in a rush a lot of the time.  Could we not design a bridge that is…….wait for it……..more convenient!  I’m not even asking for it to be a shorter trip.  Roughly equal is more than acceptable when you factor in the safety and lack of having to dodge idiot drivers!  Don’t tell me you didn’t have the money, you just dropped the ball.

That said, it’s a great bridge and will go my list of places, things and people to ride with when I make a few million and take one month a year on Brad’s Random Ride for Results (a charity ride).

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