Larz Anderson Auto Museum – Show Event

Boston Cyclists Union does it again with an event I want to go to but will be riding my bike in the spacious upstate hills!  But you should go and rep in full respect for the irony of me promoting a bike event at an auto museum.  But seriously, the Larz Anderson Museum is really cool and a great place for an event. Just think of all the artifacts the museum will have once the CarFree Movement really takes off!

Larz Anderson Auto Museum – Show Event.

“Next Saturday is the annual Lars Anderson Bike Day from 10Am to 2Pm, and a highlight will likely be the first ever showing of 11 jewels selected from John Dabrowski’s bike collection with notes on the bikes and on his lifetime of cycling. Many of you have met John , a participant in the Rozzi/Dotbikes bike book group and bike activist, a long-term volunteer at Bikes not Bombs, bike mechanic and collector of > 40 years, and rider of intriguing, carefully restored steeds.”

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