Upstate 2011- Poll Question: Maybe Vomit or Definately Vomit?

Thursday to Sunday  on maybe very quiet!  I’ll be heading up (or down depending on where you come from) to upstate New York.  From Massachusetts it’s about 4 hours south about a quarter-mile down the road from the original site of Woodstock!

It’s a great place with plenty of country but best of all, miles and miles of well maintained open road with brutal climbs and breathtaking downhills!  For the first time in a few years, my knee is at a level where I’m actually considering bringing my road bike to try out those roads!  Don’t get me wrong, the focus of all my upstate trips has always been to get a good group of people together, do some serious camp fires and drink beers at night and clear orchards and/or float the Delaware river during the day.  I won’t have much time to ride and I’m in no shape for much for a than a 15/20 miler (especially on those hills) but it’s the principle.

I will more than likely get in one good (non hung over) ride and if I really want to push it, probably another vomit inducing, hung over, wobbly, hate myself and life 10 miler before the rest of the house gets going.

The question remains: Should I bring my bike?

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