Could a one-stop shop for all transit information make not owning a car even easier?

Thanks to Relay Rides for the tip on this story(@relayrides:

“Recently, Latitude released the results of its Tech for Transit: Designing a Future System open innovation study (published in collaboration with Next American City). The study, which asked regular drivers in Boston and San Francisco to go car-free for one full week, uncovered opportunities for mobile information to reduce our dependence on driving by improving the experience of taking more sustainable transit.

The study results are available here:

The Concept

We found that many of our study participants wanted a similar tool to help them make decisions about transit: a “one-stop information shop”—a mobile or Web application that would enable users to choose among multiple options (bus vs. car-sharing vs. train) by comparing schedules, cost, availability, and convenience. In most cases, this would involve a collaboration between government entities and businesses (public transit agencies and Zipcar, for example), and would potentially require sharing and integrating competitive information.

As one participant put it…

“I’d like a ‘how-to-get-there-using- alt-transit transit-app or web site. Plug in where you have to be when, and detailed parameters on what you will and won’t do, and have it crunch through train, subway, the patchwork of urban and suburban bus services, biking, walking, local taxi service numbers and fees, Zipcar and other car-share options, and so on and give you a list of options, including when they’ll get you there and how much they’ll cost.”
—Jean M., Boston, MA”


How BS am I that I didn’t get in on this or find away to be interviewed?  No seriously, I’ve been hatching a plan for the CarFreeBrad mobile app for weeks. Unfortunately, I lack all the necessary skills and time to make it a reality so I’m stuck to complaining about others beating me to it!

PS- Totally thought about mailing this one in and just posting a reTweet of the story but I recognize that you deserve better than that!  Hugs and Kisses, CarFreeBrad!

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