Pedaling for Peace 2011

Sometimes you see a story of what another person is doing with their life and you just feel bad about yourself.  Well, in case you didn’t get enough of that feeling this summer as you jealously watch college kids stagger to a “long day” at the beach or playing frisbee  each morning as you trek to work, here’s one for ya!

Check it out:  Pedaling for Peace 2011.

I 100% applaud what he is doing but will someone else read this and clarify it for me. From what I gather, he rides his bike from place to place volunteering on random projects.  Seriously, how long until he asks himself the hard questions, “Can I really live like this and what’s in it for me”?  I’ll be generous and give him 10 months before he is working in financial services feeling good about his time as a wondering volunteer.

“To be the change I wish to see in the world by offering myself as a servant to the communities that I pass through, volunteering my time, energy, and skills working on projects that promote peace and environmental awareness. Through education and example, I will help to spread the initiative of peace and environmental awareness throughout the world. All of this, on a bicycle.”

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