Pedaling for Peace 2011- Part 2. I Immediately Felt Bad About Myself!

Some of you may have read my earlier post in which I started to cut into this young man Chris for wanting to ride his bike all over the place volunteering to promote peace and the environment.  As soon as I posted it, I felt bad about being so pessimistic toward my fellow cyclist.  In truth we are brothers and should lift each other up not tear each other down.

I support his mission and think the idea of packing up my bike to cruise the world helping people actually sounds pretty awesome and deep down I’m jealous that he gets to do it and I don’t.

That being said, how many corporate sponsors, YouTube channels and advanced tech devices does it take before you question someone’s claim to desire a “monastic life”.  For me I stopped counting at a dozen or so corporate sponsors and the fact that he is listed as a YouTube “superstar” and posts internet videos almost everyday on Facebook.  Sure there seemed to be a smattering of pictures with school children and of random old people in cool tropical places.  I can only imagine that is must be difficult to maintain the simple, “monastic life” on the road when you have to lug around a few cameras, laptop, internet card, and constantly update your media outlets in order to keep those sponsorship dollars coming in.

I don’t hate on the fact that he has a bunch of sponsors(yes I do, I want major sponsors to pay me) because that is an expensive trip no matter how you do it and international data/phone plans are NOT CHEAP!

Overall, this is a partial apology for my previous level of sarcasm and venom toward this mission.  But without much investigation I was able to reveal a human truth:

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything a good reason and the real reason.”- JP Morgan

All I ask is that we address both reasons so that idiots like me can’t question the mission.

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