Loophole in law a hurdle to ticketing bikers!

Some might think that as a cyclist with a solid anti-authority streak I might praise this and abuse it like a tax loophole.  But this loophole needs to be closed because it screws everything up for real cyclists that recognize that obeying the traffic laws only makes cycling easier if everyone does it, cars and bikes!  It makes me more upset to sit and watch a bike run a red light than a car.  When a car runs a red light and hits someone, it’s a tragic accident.  But a cyclist runs that same light and gets him or herself killed, the entire cycling community is vilified and pays the price!

“Boston police have yet to ticket a single bicyclist for running a red light or disrupting traffic since the launch of the Hubway bike-share program two weeks ago. But the reason may have little to do with lack of opportunity: Because of a loophole in a state law, the tickets wouldn’t be worth the paper they’re printed on.

Keeping bicycle tickets and driver’s licenses separate makes sense on several levels – not every bicyclist drives a car, for instance. But the law, as worded, takes away the Registry’s only means to coerce bikers to pay civil tickets – by suspending or not renewing a driver’s license – without offering an alternative punishment.

Loophole in law a hurdle to ticketing bikers – The Boston Globe.

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