Put The Fun Between Your Legs


“Tom Cote, Northeastern’s director of residence safety and security, worked closely with city officials to ensure University’s involvement in the program, which he called a “win-win situation” for Northeastern and its entire community. 

Cote said the program builds upon the growing interest among students, faculty and staff for increased bicycling options around campus, and Northeastern’s participation in the program highlights the University’s commitment to sustainability by encouraging the use of many forms of alternative transportation.”

It’s good to see the my Alma Mater is following the CarFreeBrad.com lead and encouraging this behavior.  At this rate, 6 years after I leave Clark University they will implement a bike sharing program in Worcester.  But Clark does have a huge leg up on NU and Boston.  The University implemented its own bike program like 2 years ago.  It’s small, I haven’t used it yet and don’t actually know where it is or how it works but I’m told it’s there.

Recycle your ride | Northeastern University News.

Clark’s Bike Share Program

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