SPD stops person doing 42 in a 30 on a bicycle!

This issue made me laugh because the interview with the biker in question reflects my sentiment exactly.  If you are gonna’ pull me over for speeding, give me that ticket.  I don’t want any of that written warning BS.

“While on an aggressive driving sting on Admiral Way, SPD stopped a person doing 42 mph in a 30 mph zone. Oh, and the person was riding a bicycle.

Officers let the person off with a written warning.

From SPD:

On July 27th officers from the Aggressive Driver Response Team issued the following citations:

SW Admiral Way – 30 mph zone

1 at 61 mph

1 at 51 mph

2 at 48 mph

2 at 47 mph

1 at 46 mph

1 Bicycle at 42 mph (written warning)

2 Cell Phone violations

Any of you ever get a speeding ticket on a bicycle?”

SPD stops person in W Seattle for doing 42 in a 30 on a bicycle | Seattle Bike Blog.

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