All Day Long! Can’t stop it, can only hope to contain it!

As I’m sure we will see with the resolution of this “debt Crisis”, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Mind you I know nothing about politics but inertia is a concept that I understand and no one can escape.

Keep an eye on the news and pay attention to TopLine (weekdays at noon).  I’m pretty sure you will see a lot of action over the next week or so.  Sure the entire country has been at a virtual standstill as the politicians bickered about god knows what so there is a few weeks worth of actual “work” to be done.  Even so, I bet the government will just buzzsaw through it because once you get them going, watch out.

My point today is that momentum or inertia, whatever you want to call it, applies to all of us and everything we do.  I’ve preached the gospel of the brisk morning bike ride for 6 months now and it had been mostly veiled attempts to find the “silver lining” but this one is 100% real.

My level of productivity is through the roof when I start my day with a brisk bike ride.  That ride can be to the train, to campus or I bet just cruising around the block would work.  The fact of the matter is that once I get going, there is no stopping me for hours.  It’s like I have been fired out of a productivity cannon!

I just wish I could take a quick bike ride around 3 o’clock on a few of these afternoons because I have been hitting a wall.  But I don’t have the option to hop on my bike when I’m at the office so I’m open to suggestions.  I’ve adopted the habit of scheduling calls with people trying to sell me stuff around this time to try to recapture my momentum but that isn’t really working anymore.

Here are some of the things I’ve thought of (and some I’ve tried) to regain that morning bike ride momentum:

Stationary Bike at my desk.

Push ups for every email I got that day behind my desk

Pretending to get a coffee and running the stairs

Pretending to go to the bathroom and running the stairs.

Going to the Hubway station across the street and taking a bike for a few laps around the Kennedy Greenway.

Calling my credit card company to dispute the litany of bogus charges they add to my statement.  I have BOA and this was an EPIC FAIL which actually totally ruined my day as they just blatantly steal money from me.

I’m not sure what else to do.  It never ceases to amaze me that when I get an exhilarating phone call or have a lively conversation just as I hit that lull, I immediately gain the momentum that my morning bike ride provides.  But nothing I have tried consistently duplicates the feeling and jacks up my productivity the same way!

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